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Pudsey Lowtown Primary School

Pudsey Lowtown Primary School

Pudsey Lowtown School
"The thing I like about our school is that I can trust every teacher and I feel safe"
"At this school it's good because we are all treated equally and there's always fun learning"
"The teachers at our school
are very kind and caring towards every single one of us"
"The thing I like about my school is that each and every one of us gets fantastic learning opportunities"
Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Life at Pudsey Lowtown Primary School



Shirts/blouses/polo shirts – red or white

Trousers/skirts - black or grey

Cardigan/jumper - red

Socks or tights – plain red, white, black or grey


Dresses which are predominantly the school colour of red

Short sleeved shirt / blouse or polo shirt - white or red

Shorts / skirts / trousers - black or grey


Indoor Shoes

Children are expected to bring alternative footwear in which to change into once inside school.  This helps with safety, noise and cleanliness.  Children who do not have indoor shoes may not be able to play out at play times. We look for your co-operation in this matter.

Please ensure that you label all of your child's belongings.


Outdoor shoes

Children should come to school wearing appropriate outdoor black footwear.


Purchasing items with the school logo

Sweatshirts, polo shirts, cardigans and book bags with the school logo can be obtained from either Tesco uniform online shop or Uniformity in Farsley.

Tesco (F&F) - our school shop

You can collect club card points on your purchases and the school will receive a 5% donation to our school funds which will directly benefit the Lowtown pupils.

Plain uniform is also available in our online Tesco shop and also contributes towards the 5% school donation.


3-5 Town Street, Pudsey, West Yorkshire LS28 5EN
0113 256 6020



Children from Year 1 to Year 6 should wear their P.E. Kit to school on their P.E. day. Reception children should still wear their school uniform and bring their P.E. kit in a named pump bag which they should hang on their peg.

Kit is as follows:

Black jogging bottoms / leggings / shorts 

White t-shirt

Black sweatshirt