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GSO Test

Supporting children with SEND

Support for CLA & CYP affected by trauma

Dan Hughes talks to foster carers, adopters, parents under pressure and all adults around traumatised children as we navigate our way through the Corona Virus pandemic. 

Dan Hughes - how to support children who have experienced trauma

The Trauma Therapist Podcast - Staying emotionally close in time of COVID 19

The Trauma Therapist

 Autistic Spectrum Condition

STARS have put together a wide range of resources including Covid 19 social stories, symbols for using at home, Talking Mats for social distancing, structuring the day and keeping busy and loads more! 

Starstream - Coronavirus-resources

Support for Speech and Language       

Let's get talking

Mental Health support                                    

Kooth is a free online counselling and support service. Useful if your child is anxious or needs someone different to talk to.

Card games to practice Maths facts

 Card games to practise Maths facts

There are 3 games in this section. 

Go Fish-  using number facts

Subtraction/Addition 'War' -  comparing numbers, using language 'higher/ lower, bigger/smaller and calculations

Close Call - calculations, problem solving, common number patterns, place value

Memory - matching numbers , number facts, memory and concentration

I'm the Greatest - addition, place value

Memory and Concentration games

 Memory and Concentration games

There are 7 games in this section

Tray games - children have to remember items on a  tray

Patterns- remembering patterns of letters or shapes

Pairs- remembering where the other card to pair up with is

Mrs Smith went to the market.... - remembering a list of items 

Categories- lists of items in given categories

Odd man out - say a list of items with one odd one out

What is it? - take it in turns to describe something 

Spelling activities

 Spelling activities

There are 8 games in this section

Rainbow writing

Big Write

Hide the letter



Against the Clock

Speech bubbles

Activities to develop fine motor control/ handwriting

 Activities to develop fine motor control/ handwriting

There are 25 activities in this section designed to help your child with small hand/ finger movements which will support handwriting development.