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Growth Mindset

At Lowtown we believe in developing a “growth mindset” for all pupils and staff.  This is something that you might have heard your child talk about “going in the pit” or challenging themselves – the idea is to develop attitudes which will help us all to become effective, resilient learners.  

Our school project is concentrating on the actions and words of teachers and parents, the messages we send to children, and how these words can influence how children think about themselves and their learning.  So it’s very important to phrase what we say carefully! 

As a general rule, to create a growth mindset, we need to praise children’s effort (not what they achieve) and avoid labelling them.  It helps to praise specific things that the child has done (e.g. I could hear you were stopping at all of the full stops whilst you were reading) rather than making a general comment (good reading). We are trying to do this in school, and we’re asking for parents’ help by doing the same at home. 


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